Don’t forget, you aren’t alone

Hello all.

I’m pregnant for 7.5 months, now. I have been informed that I’m pregnant in my 4th attempt of in vitro fertilization (IVF). We felt happy, naturally. My partner, my partner’s family and my family. Because it was the awaked baby for 9 years. Up to the third month of pregnancy, everything was normal. Then, I became sick; constantly, I was thinking about senseless things like who would take care of my baby when something bad happened to me. I thought that I was experiencing depression. On the vacation of Eid al-Adha, I got worse. I could neither eat something nor sleep. I constantly felt worried and agitated and went to the emergency department. The doctor said, that I was experiencing a widespread anxiety disorder and that this was a disease. The doctor let it up to us to decide whether I use the drugs or not. We believed that antidepressants could harm our child and therefore we felt helpless. These days were very tough; I felt sad because of this course of my pregnancy and the social pressure, naturally.

They said: ‘It’s on you to became healthy again, why do you worry about it?’ I said: ‘There is nothing to worry about, nothing goes wrong.’ But I felt worried like something bad is going to happen. During the pregnancy, these worries were doubled. During this time, I researched my disease on the Internet and I felt bad when I read negative things. ‘Will these things happen to me, too?’ ‘Won’t it go away?’ ‘I will get a baby; how will I take care of it if these descriptions happen to me?’ One day, I got to know Prof. Dr. Nazan. I have begun to feel better, after the first consultation with her.

I felt that I’m not alone. Dr. Nazan said me and to my husband that psychological disorders during pregnancy required to be treated and that I could take medications. I felt relieved because she said that this is a disorder and requires a treatment. Dr. Nazan said that this disorder had more harm for the infant. Naturally she didn’t say: ‘Let us prescribe medications immediately.’ At this time, I took one-quarter Mirtazapin, at night. I was coping with this disorder or I believed I did it but one day, I got worse at the work. Immediately, I called Dr. Nazan. She said that I should start using medications and I did it but there was something going wrong during pregnancy. My gynecologist wanted me to stop the use of drugs and we did it for fear. But now, I regret interrupting the use of medications because I think that my baby gets better when I’m fine. I should have taken the drugs prescribed in the 3th month. Now, I’m in the 7.5th month. I take Mirtazapin for calming in the morning, at midday and in the evening; I feel a little better.

My recommendations for people reading this text are; if you need to use medications then do it and trust in your doctor. Believe me that using medications is better than suffering from this disorder. If you are fine your child will be fine, too. I refused to use the medications but I regret it; I’m not scared. Don’t forget, you aren’t alone. It isn’t up to us. This is a disease; don’t try to explain it anyone because persons who aren’t experiencing such a disease can’t know it. Spend time with people who understand you. At the moment, I’m feeling good with the aid of Dr. Nazan. I would like to thank her. Be tied to your doctor’s apron strings. Don’t forget that you aren’t alone. There are a lot of children who were born during a pharmacotherapy. If required, people even get chemotherapy during pregnancy. Furthermore, don’t care about things said by the people around you. Just trust, trust, trust in your doctor...

Have a good day.

Medine U.