My disorder has never been a reason for waiting the motherhood.

Since 2012, I have been being treated because of bipolar disorder. I have got married in 2005. Our son was born 9 years after our marriage. My disorder has never been a reason for waiving the motherhood. In these 9 years, I stopped using my medications repeatedly to get pregnant. I remember that I once stopped using medications for 6 months. However, I didn’t get pregnant and additionally I relapsed in to my disorder. Last, my pharmacotherapy was interrupted in 2013. However, we experienced other health problems.

We started to go to hospital constantly to get a tube baby. Because of the length of this period, I restarted to take the medications. I was hopeless. The probability for getting pregnant seemed to be very low. I said: ‘ I would even agree with lying back for 9 months for getting pregnant.’ In October 2013, I started to meet Prof. Dr. Nazan Aydın. She has seen patients wanting to get a baby. In April 2013, I experienced an attack. I couldn’t sleep and I visited my doctor constantly. While I was feeling very sad and more hopeless because of the last attack it came out that I was pregnant.

In the first time, I was very sad and I cried because my child might to be defective due to the medications and needles I used. Also, I was afraid of losing my child. Despite our worries, I have never thought of abortion. On the recommendations of our doctors, I went to the genetic policlinic. The report given in the hospital said: ‘If the fetus was affected by the medications negatively the pregnancy will be result in a miscarriage and if not the development of the fetus will resume normally.’ I used my medications during pregnancy. My worries decreased over time. The results of screening tests were normal.

I haven’t experienced psychological problems. My partner was satisfied with me that he wished me to be pregnant every year. I had worries like ‘Will I able to overcome with the baby care after delivery?’ ‘What will be happen to my child when I become ill?’ Thank goodness, my worries didn’t happen´. I have used my medications during the breastfeeding period. We didn’t have problems with the medications. We have a cute and merry son. Our son, Semih, is happy and restful as if he feels that we have impatiently waited for him since time we were informed about his existence and as if he knows that we love him so much.

After delivery, we have had the necessary investigations done on the recommendation of our doctor. We have had the echocardiography done. There were no problems. Fortunately, my son was born. I wish I were mother previously. Now I’m looking forward to the time when my son will walk and talk with me. May God give everyone wanting to be mother a child.