My husband showed understanding and patience that nobody else would to it.These good days would be like impossible without his support.

I’m a 36-year-old mother suffering from bipolar disorder and have one child. I’m being treated at the Mood Center of Bakırköy Mental Health and Neurological Diseases Hospital. Since 1998, I have used different medications because of my psychiatric disease. In 2003, I enjoyed the motherhood. I have got a pretty son. At the beginning of pregnancy, I took medications but I stopped using of medications on the recommendations of my doctor. I experienced a restful and happy period of pregnancy. But this happiness didn’t take long after delivery. I could breastfeed my baby for 5.5 months. I restarted the use of my medications because of a severe attack and I experienced difficult times linked to the baby care. Later, we could adapt to these conditions. Now he is a wonderful 12-years-old boy.

Due to the experiences during my first delivery, I didn’t think of a second pregnancy, quite a while. My son was seven years old and I used medications in this period. My husband and I thought of a second child. But it didn’t work. In 2010, I experienced a severe attack after this decision. The many medications and hard treatment enabled us to forget the wish to get a second child. We went through a tough period. 3 years later, when everything was alright, the wish of a second child became a current issue, again. My doctor in Raşit Tahsin Mood Center directed me to Prof. Dr. Nazan Aydın. I impatiently waited for the date with her. In her setting, I realized that the treatment would take long. She has never saddened me by saying unpleasant, pessimistic things. She explained that we need some time and we can’t stop the use of medication abruptly.

Medications I took were I Lithium 900 mg, Depacin 1000 mg, Abilify 10 mg, Cipralex 20 mg, Dideral 60 mg. It won’t have been easy to stop the use of so many drugs. Monthly, I came to the doctor’s appointment. Dr. Nazan is a professional doctor and I’m a hasty patient. In each doctor’s appointment, I expected that we reduce the medications by a drug. But Dr. Nazan have never taken risks and implemented this period anticipatorily and healthy. The time flied very quickly. In August 2015, we reduced the medications and I had to only use Lithium 300mg and Cipralex 5mg. She forewarned me that a stronger reduction of medications would be harmful and explained that I could get pregnant with this pharmacotherapy.

At the end of September, after our decision, I experienced that I was pregnant. Dr. Nazan was wondering when we informed her of this nice happening. When I said that I don’t want to continue the use of Lithium she reacted self-possessedly. She said that I could stop the use of medications in a controlled manner and that I should immediately come to the Mood Center when I feel a little change. Thank goodness, I didn’t experience any problems.

My biggest problem was the probability of an unhealthy child. I was already 36 years old and took Lithium for a little time. Moreover I continued taking Cipralex. Although I was relived by the control results that my child was healthy I had question marks in my head. In the 20th week, when I will have 2D-ultrashal done I will feel more relieved. Now, we are in the 16th week. Up to now I’m a happy pregnant woman. I hope I will experience a pleasant pregnancy to the end. I hope that I will hold my child in my arms and have a good postpartum time with my child without any problems.

I believe that we have achieved a difficult goal. Like a dream. Whereas I used so many medications I am experiencing a restful pregnancy with using only one medication on a low dose, now. I thank my doctor who had played a big role in my healthy pregnancy for her effort, diligence, patience and her devotion. Moreover I thank other doctors, nurses and workers at the Mood Center. During this period, I have never seen Dr. Nazan putting on a long face and being uncomprehending. Every time, she made me think pleasantly by being supportive. To meet such a valuable doctor was the greatest grace from God. I thank God that I was the patient of a professional doctor like her. She is a wonderful, super and unique doctor I’m recommending all women suffering from a psychiatric disorder and wanting to became mother like me.

Due to this issue, I would like to emphasize another point. My husband showed understanding and patience that nobody else would to it. These good days would be like impossible without his support. Intrafamilial understanding, tolerance and mutual support pertain to the most important influence factors to overcome this disorder.