I’m the mother of 3 child prodigies

Hello everyone,

I’m Ebru, I’m manic depressive like you. Dr. Zekeriya Kölpek at the Medical Faculty Cerrahpaşa has made the diagnosis, in 1997.

Living with this disorder is accompanied with difficulties, naturally... But the most important thing is to accept this disorder and to create your life with this disorder funnier. I think, I’m one of ones who made it.

I have been married for 11 years and I’m the mother of 3 child prodigies. Yes, I’m saying ‘child prodigies’ because they are really so. Although I didn’t have any hope I have 3 flowers, now. I will tell you what I experienced during my 3 pregnancies.

I was told that I should stop using my medications and that I should have spent 5 healthy years without the drugs, before my first pregnancy. Ultimately, we didn’t try to get a child for 5 years.

Afterwards, I completely stopped using the medications and got pregnant. During my pregnancy, a gynecologist as well as Prof. Dr. Esat Timuçin Oral monitored me. During these 9 months, I didn’t take medications. And I got a son. We named our child Esat inspired by my dear doctor, Esat. For 6 months, I breastfed my child drug-free. 5 years later, I got pregnant again. This time, I didn’t take medications in the first 3 months. After these 3 months, I experienced an attack and used medications. During this period, my dear doctor, Doç. Dr. Zekeriya Kökrek, took care of me. From the 7th months, Prof. Dr. Nazan Aydın took care of me. I experienced a severe attack; the dose of my drugs was relative high. I have been monitored at the genetic policlinic and at the perinatology. I implemented all the necessary tests and treatments precisely. I got a healthy daughter. She is 2 years old, now.

My third pregnancy was a surprise as well as a wonder. I used medications from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. Additionally, my attack took long because I used another drug in my second pregnancy. During this pregnancy, it lasted more shortly. At the moment, my daughter is 5 months old and I still breastfeed her with medications. Thank goodness, it is possible to be mother with this disorder. They are the greatest gifts for me. Motherhood arouses the strongest senses of happiness. May God give every woman wanting to get pregnant a child.

I would like to thank to my mother, dear familiy, valuable doctors Doç. Dr. Zekeriya Kökrek Bey, Prof. Dr. Esat Timuçin Oral and Prof. Dr. Nazan Aydın for accompanying me during this period. I congratulate them for their understanding, politeness and care toward patients like me.