I would like to thank my doctors and my family who have supported me, during this period


I’m 37 years old and I have been treated because of bipolar disorder, since 2006...

I’m the mother of 3 children. In 2005, I had a severe accident with my sister and my 2.5-year-old child and I lost my first child. I tried to cope to with this sadness, with the support of psychiatry. My siblings, family and partner contributed to my healing process;

In 2006, I became mother again and my sleep problems increased. I went to a doctor. The doctor said, that I had to be treated and had to use drugs, constantly and the doctor diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. Despite I was using my drugs regularly I experienced attacks at some points of season changes. But if I neglected the controls and used the drugs irregularly I experienced more attacks. With the time, I learned to trust in my doctor. Now, I have a 10-year-old son and a cute 2-month-old daughter. However, I got pregnant with my daughter, in consultation with my doctor.

But I believe that I experienced an attack during pregnancy because of the reduction of drug doses or increased attack risks related to pregnancy. My partner, family and I were very worried. Somebodies suggested terminating the pregnancy.

My partner and his mother who is my aunt at the same time. But I already lost my first son; I couldn’t dare to lose this baby. My controls were more often and I went to the doctor with my partner, a day. I met Prof. Dr. Nazan Aydin. My partner and I told about our problems and worries. My partner said: ‘I don’t want to have a child. Having a child is unimportant when my wife is ill.’ He said: ‘It can be happen again when my wife gets better.’ Dr. Nazan asked me for my thoughts. I said that when I finish my pregnancy, I would never dare to get pregnant. My doctor said ‘You can resume your pregnancy with drugs, too.’ “I have had patients using more severe drugs and deliver healthy infants. Naturally, there are risks, but mothers who didn’t use drugs can even deliver babies with problems.’ My drugs were changed, my controls were more frequent and the doctor made us to feel relived ? She directed us to Cerrahpaşa GETAM Unit. We went there, they asked many questions and we answered these questions. They said that we could resume the pregnancy, according to the investigations. We were happy ?. We went to the gynecology and the gynecologist said, that everything was fine.

I told my doctor, Prof. Dr. Nazan Aydın, about these happenings and she was happy, too ?. She seemed to be sure, as she said: ‘Let’s wait and see how the period goes on… If anything happens we can react accordingly to this situation.’

In short; I overcame the attack in a mild way. I experienced my pregnancy with drugs but it was a healthy pregnancy and I have a cute daughter.

The most important information I will share with you is that you should trust in your doctor and use your drugs regularly. I would like to thank my doctors and my family who have supported me, during this period...

Yours respectfully…